Welcome to Magic Fantasy
Gaea is a duplex world, consisting of the outer world and the inner world. They are connected by a tunnel, which people here call the Magic Bridge. On the other side of the Magic Bridge, stands VOD. VOD is the power core of the world. It is said to be the heart of The One, yes...The One created the entire universe.
One day, a piece of the magical bridge collapsed, and a mysterious man came out of the tunnel with a strange mirror. The collapse caught the attention of some of the heroes guarding order in the tunnel. Then, something strange appeared, some kind of energy emanated from the mirror and affected the surrounding species, turning them into a new race that we all later called the Chaos Race. The Chaos race will be stronger than the races they once were, but become more important and uncontrollable.
The collapse suddenly broke the peace of the inner and outer worlds. Gaea was in a mess. Creatures can only retreat to the edge of the world - VOD. With the power given by VOD, our heroes fought back. It's time for you to decide the fate of Gaea...